Survival MMO Coreborn Nations of the Ultracore officially hits early access today

“Immerse yourself in the land of Tormentosia, a flourishing world on the brink of destruction that has been restored by six famed kingdoms. Rebuild and defend the land alongside friends and a welcoming community of players. Construct settlements only limited by your imagination, keep threats at bay with a nearly endless array of craftable weapons and tools, and create a sustainable civilization in this rich world ripe for exploration and discovery. Dangers await brave adventurers on their journey to rebuild Tormentosia. Gather materials, craft armor, and take up arms in order to defend the persistent PvE world. The fate of Tormentosia cannot rest on your shoulders alone, as it’s directly benefited by the player’s positive interactions with one another and the world itself. So party up with adventurers from across the globe, unleash your creativity, and restore the lands back to their former glory.”

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