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Embers Adrift adds a new alpine zone, defends its decision to deploy quests without XP

Stormhaven said that the alpine region presents “an unrelenting challenge” to high-level characters: “This month we are bringing you a new level 45-50 leveling zone called the Grizzled Peaks. Similar to our rollout of Grimstone Canyon, this patch is delivering Phase I; Phase II will come at a later date. While Phase I is primarily a “standard” leveling zone there are a number of unique high level challenges and gear to acquire. It includes a new set of music tracks, some new creature tech, and a new creature.”

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Sandbox MMO Eco lets players establish towns, countries, and federations in December 12 update

Happy Friday!🥳

It’s almost time for us to reveal more about our plans for the launch ECO 10.

Have a great weekend Citizens, and stay tuned!#indiegames #eco10

— Eco (@StrangeLoopGame) November 24, 2023

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Valheim shows off armor and weapons approaching with the Ashlands

Suitable for Bodylande.

Aside from a new armor set that looks like a smoky dark set of magic-using armor and a foreboding keep, the diary also shows off some more finished screens of the weaponry players will be finding. This is in specific reaction to players who felt like the early versions didn’t look very good, with the new versions having more appropriate flare and magical effects. Check out the full rundown on the official site.

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Mortal Online 2 calls latest UE5 test ‘a huge success’ and readies another PTR this week

The latest dev blog calls last week’s PTR round “a huge success” that helped the studio “locate many issues, fix bugs, and optimize several areas of the game to further improve performance.” Additionally, changes made to the game’s structure placement system were also apparently well-received by players. with the studio reporting lots of positive feedback.

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