Astroneer’s fall event has players farming up sturdysquash in spaaaaace

The EXO F.A.R.M Event is live!

Sturdysquash are back in season and can be farmed in bulk to be processed in Cauldrangea plants.

Complete the event to unlock Hard Suit and earn other rewards!

Full details in reply ⬇️

— ASTRONEER 🎛️🎚️🛠️ (@astroneergame) September 20, 2023

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Legendarium Online – hardcore MMORPG inspired by Ultime Online and WoW

Hi everyone! My name is Max (aka Nazgul) and I will try to present my own game in the way I see it. Huge thanks and respect to r/MMORPG for this opportunity and support!

What is Legendarium Online?

Pre-Alpha v.0.1.0, 2022
Legendarium Online is a full loot sandbox MMORPG with a living, breathing world defined and shaped by its player community. It is a world of dangers, where bonds are forged – and broken – by players writing their own stories. Explore a persistent, massive open world with thousands of other players and experience the freedom to pursue your own destiny. Master the magical art of music, tame mighty beasts to follow your every command, ascend the ranks of a powerful guild, build an economic empire, or put it all on the line and choose the path of the petty thief or the hunted murderer.
Pre-Alpha v.0.1.0, 2022
In the age of chivalry and myth, where legends are born and epic quests await, a new dawn rises on the horizon of online gaming. Drawing inspiration from the timeless classic Ultima Online and epic world of J.R.R.Tolkien, prepare to embark on a journey like no other in the world of “Legendarium Online.”

Legendarium Online is not just a game; it is an immersive medieval MMORPG, meticulously crafted to whisk you away to a world where adventure knows no bounds. As you step through the portal into this enchanting world, be prepared to encounter a universe teeming with wonder, intrigue, and limitless possibilities.

Character progress:

In this MMORPG, you are not bound by rigid levels or predefined classes. Your character’s progress is a reflection of your choices and passions. The world is your canvas, and you are the artist, painting your own path.

With a diverse selection of around 3-4 Primary Stats and 140 skills to choose from, every action you take defines your character’s journey. Do you prefer the thrill of battle, swinging a massive two-handed sword? Watch your strength grow as you become a formidable force on the battlefield or are you the agile type, leaping and dodging with finesse? Your agility will skyrocket as you gracefully navigate the world, becoming a master of nimble acrobatics.

From crafting exquisite items to mastering arcane spells, your character’s growth is a testament to your interests and dedication. It’s not about following a predetermined path but about crafting your unique story and playstyle.

In Legendarium Online, you are the architect of your destiny. What you do defines your progress, and the possibilities are as vast and varied as your imagination. So, pick up that sword, leap into the fray, or embark on a crafting odyssey—your journey is yours to shape, and the adventure is yours to define. The world is waiting for your legend to unfold!

Crafting: In Legendarium Online, the art of crafting is as essential as the blade of a warrior. With a vast array of resources scattered across the landscape, you’ll gather rare ingredients, from shimmering dragon scales to mystical herbs, each holding the key to crafting weapons, armor, and magical artifacts of unimaginable power. Become a master blacksmith, an alchemical genius, or a revered potion maker, and leave your mark on the world with your legendary creations.

In Legendarium, crafters dictate the financial situation and value of the currency. Due to “full loot” be prepared to craft again and again…

Housing: Claim your own piece of this magical world and build your dream home amidst sprawling landscapes. In Legendarium Online, housing is not just a place to rest your head; it’s your sanctuary, your fortress, and a testament to your achievements. Customize every nook and cranny, from the grandiose halls adorned with trophies to secret chambers where you store your most precious loot. Invite fellow adventurers to revel in your glory or defend your home against those who dare to trespass.

Epic bosses:
Playtest #2 , v0.1.2 (US/EU) , Q1 2023
In the depths of a world brimming with untold mysteries and epic challenges, a formidable adversary awaits. As a courageous adventurer in “Legendarium Online” your destiny is entwined with a colossal showdown. Stand tall, rally your comrades, and prepare to face the colossal cave troll that guards the secrets of the underground. In this MMORPG, the legends you create will echo through the ages, forged in the fires of perilous encounters and the triumph of unwavering resolve. Will you rise to the challenge and emerge as the ultimate legend? The time has come to make your mark!
Playtest #2 , v0.1.2 (US/EU) , Q1 2023
Open PvP: Unleash your inner warrior in the heart-pounding world of open player-versus-player combat. In Legendarium Online, danger lurks around every corner, and alliances shift with the wind. Engage in thrilling duels, epic battles, or participate in massive, server-wide wars where the stakes are nothing less than the fate of kingdoms. The thrill of victory is sweet, but beware the bitter taste of defeat as your character’s fate hangs in the balance.

Dynamic third-person combat system where the player’s skill matter. Experienced non-geared player may defeat multiple geared but less skillful players.Non target combat matters! More than 12 different armor slots that provide unique protection for specific body areas only. Player killers and other criminals get punished by every guard or other NPCs.
Free PvP during Playtest #2, Q1 2023
Mounts: Galloping through vast, breathtaking landscapes is an experience like no other in Legendarium Online. Choose from an array of majestic steeds, mythical beasts, or even soaring creatures to become your trusted companions. These mounts are not just a means of transportation; they are loyal allies, enhancing your abilities and providing unique advantages in your adventures. All pets/companions/mounts in Legendarium Online live their own life even when you logged out!

Skills Galore: Prepare to be amazed by the sheer depth of character development in Legendarium Online. With more than a hundred different skills to master (from Animal Taming to Treasure Hunting; Peacemaker to Stealing, etc) , your character’s progression knows no bounds. Forge your own path as you hone your combat prowess, delve into the arcane arts, become a master of diplomacy, or specialize in unique professions that unlock hidden secrets of the world. The choice is yours, and your legend will be unlike any other.

In Legendarium Online, your journey is defined by the choices you make, the alliances you forge, and the legends you create. This is not just a game; it is an epic adventure awaiting your mark. As you traverse this world of magic and might, be prepared to experience the ultimate MMORPG where the spirit of Ultima Online lives on, inviting you to craft your own destiny in a realm where heroes are born and legends are etched in the annals of history. Will you rise to the challenge and leave your mark on the Legendarium? The adventure beckons, brave traveler; will you heed the call?

Playtests: Current state is playable Pre-Alpha with real playtests on Steam for US and EU regions. Next playtest v.0.1.3 is coming on Steam somewhere in October-December 2023!It will be open for everyone, feel free to participate!

Pre-Alpha Roadmap(road to Beta) :– Increasing playable zone to 20×20 km

– Character customization

– PK penalties

– Ships and treasure hunting

– Adding 5-10 new Skills every patch

– Housing

– Siege and zone control

– Hundreds and hundreds of new lootable items

– Optimization

Payment model: Zero “pay-to-win” . There will be NO shop to buy any boost items. Also, I do not plan to make it commercial game at all… so most likely it is going to be fully free-to-play!


Few words about myself: 34 yo, came from Ukraine to California around 5 years ago. Working in IT in some well known company. All my life I play online games focusing on very competitive level and won multiple tournaments. Games such as Ultima Online, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, Legends of Aria and many more… Some ppl know me based on this achievement: WoW Classic tournament with $50,000 prize:

I gathered all the experience from multiple games and 2 years ago decided to make my own game with the best features and game style ever. Of course, since I’m the solo dev, you should not expect AAA game but you definitely can count on a true game with it’s own spirit! See you guys in game!






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