Last Oasis promises map adjustments and PvP content, ponders whether it should have PvE at all

“We want to first see how the new map performs with both PvP and PvE and will make a decision whether to keep PvE tiles once Base and Walker Packing is out to allow anyone who settled on tiles that might be burnt to easily move their belongings to another tile. That doesn’t mean that we made a decision yet, though. The process of observing the gameplay on both types of the tiles is still ongoing and we’ll announce the final decision only after the Packing feature is out.”

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Valheim brings out its crossplay patch ahead of its arrival on Xbox Game Pass


This comes at an opportune time, as soon even more people may learn the fine art of how to vike with the game arriving on Xbox Game Pass on September 29th. And yes, this means that players who have viked since the game launched will now be able to vike around with new fans on the Xbox consoles just fine. Glorious crossplay! Sail the seas and smash your enemies! Try to conjugate verbs incorrectly! Drink an ocean’s worth of ale and then pass out! That’s how you play Valheim.

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Atlas’ Season 10 brings ship bottling, reconstructed forts, Xbox issues, and tame-related problems

The new season of pirating survivalbox Atlas deployed earlier in the week, which would normally be something to be pleased by except for the fact that it hasn’t been smooth sailing. The season intended to bring features like the ship bottling function that lets players shrink down their ship, stuff it into a bottle, and duplicate it or rebuild it at a different shipyard; several regions opened across the world map; and the beginning of its sea fort reconstruction efforts.

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