Kickstarted sandbox MMO The Repopulation is apparently dead as Idea Fabrik’s contracted dev team quits

“As a result, we have decided that our work developing The Repopulation must end. TGS is not the game’s owner. The game’s owner is Idea Fabrik. TGS is only a contractor. TGS does not have the authority or ability to suspend sales or provide refunds. Only Idea Frabik [sic] can do these things. Idea Fabrik is aware of the issues but we have not been told what they intend to do. TGS is turning over The Repopulation Facebook and Twitter accounts to Idea Fabrik. All future inquiries should be made to Idea Fabrik on Facebook and Twitter.

“IF may attempt to remaster the game with another company, but we have not been informed as to its plans. As a result, the server, website, and discord server will be brought offline on 2023/01/13. Idea Fabrik has also not informed TGS as to whether it intends to continue to sell The Repopulation on the Steam platform.

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Elite Dangerous will patch Update 14 issues late this month, schedules Updates 15 and 16 for this year

The new year has been met by the devs of Elite: Dangerous with its latest newsletter, which grants a general roadmap of update plans set for 2023. The year’s updates begin with the promised “interim update” to address problems with Update 14, which is set to go live at the end of this month. The problems that the patch will address haven’t been finalized yet, but the “core problems” that are among the known issues will be a focus.

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