Mortal Online Magic Development Update 8


Magic Development Update 8

Progress update

Some of you have already guessed it but here’s the confirmation: the next magic school is indeed Necromancy.
Necromancers will be able to raise and control the undead, the school is focused on having different animated undead do the raw damage but also contains a fair amount of interesting debuff type of spells that hopefully will shake up the PvP and PvE

Spirits, which were introduced with the last magic patch, will be a fairly common reagent for Necromancers and hopefully this will encourage players to trade for these boxes and give dedicated spiritists a new way to generate income.


Another addition that will be introduced with Necromancy is rituals.
Mages will be able to build horrific creatures by placing summoning signs and craft abominations by combining reagents, corpses and magical artifacts.
These new pets will then have their skills and stats generated using the items that are put into the circle.
The aim here is to give Necromancers a massive beast as a companion that he/she may configure during the summoning to fit their play style.
These beasts works as true pets and will persist during logouts and server restarts.

New spell effects

We have shown you a preview of the new animations on our Facebook page in the past weeks but now things are falling into place and it’s time to show of some new spells.
Please note that these are all still very much work in progress and might change in appearance or even how they work during testing.

Animated Skeleton
This spell summons a skeleton in front of your target that has the Control Undead buff applied to it. The skeleton is on a timer and will die once the necromancer loses connection to it.

Dark Orders
When cast upon a target, all creatures that you have under you control (i.e. they have the Control Undead buff) will attack this target.

Poisonous Cloud
Creates a cloud of poison around the target that does damage over time to anyone inside of the cloud.

This spell creates a sphere of pure darkness around the target. This will blind anyone inside of the spheres radius.

That’s all!

Hopefully you folks like the direction we are going with this, we think it’s a very different school from the other two we have in the game.
If you do – or don’t – please leave your feedback on the forums!