Gloria Victis – Version 0.6 is live, last preparations before Steam launch!

Changelog v.0.6


Version 0.6 is finally live! This weekly update introduces many important improvements, so the game is almost ready for the upcoming Steam release. We have tweaked the combat mechanics, balancing an impact of the crafting efficiency on the items statistics and the damage dealt with different types of weapons, as well as properties of bows, knives and short spears.

We have also improved the reputation system, allowing players to attack and kill the traitors everywhere, except safezones in the penalty spawnpoints. The user interface was improved as well – besides of many fixes, from now on players can disable it completely to either increase an immersion or capture the perfect screenshots. Moreover, thanks to an invaluable help of our community we have also added 2 new translations: Spanish and Turkish. Thanks to this many players earned a possibility to play Gloria Victis with the interface in their native language.

See you in battle!

Changelog v.0.6

Combat balance:

– Balanced the change of the items statistics coming from their quality
– Balanced the amount of damage dealt with different types of weapons
– Balanced armour penetration and attack cost of bows
– Balanced damage modifier for stabbing with knives and spears
– Balanced the Dexterity bonus to damage dealt by bows, knives and short spears
– Fixed stamina drain when swimming


– Added crafting workshops in the fort and village of Mereley
– Fixed an issue causing that the gate of inner castle in Order of Original Faith’s Keep could be destroyed only with bows
– Traitors can now be attacked in the safe zones
– From now traitors can’t join the PVP tournament
– Reduces the traitors’ amount of looting points when looting the allies
– Fixed an issue giving experience for killing enemy nation players on arena
– Added moving the loading character to the closest friendly town if it would spawn close to the enemy settlement
– Restored clay and beehives spawners
– Added sound effects for blocking attacks with weapons
– Added missing sound effects to the skeletons
– Added 2 new community translations – Spanish and Turkish
– Optimized the network objects spawning – thank you for reporting all found issues to!


– Fixed an issue causing clicking through the interface windows
– Restored an ability to hide the game’s interface with [F6] button
– Restored an ability to make screenshot with [*] button (numpad)
– Fixed displaying nameplates on the aurochs
– Added icons of the social statuses