[EVE ONLINE] The first great war in nearly 2 years has started in EVE Online.


It’s been just over 2 years since EVE ONLINE saw the largest online battle in video game history.


Since that day EVE has somewhat stagnated. . The winners, the CFC (now re-branded The Imperium) had secured their place as the only real super power and were untouchable. Whilst there were plenty of fights going on no one really believed we could ever see another battle on that scale again. There was no one who could challenge the Imperium.

That is until now!

This past week has seen almost all of the major alliances and many smaller ones go to war with the Imperium.

To understand what has sparked this i’d like to give you a little history of things that have happened in the game over the past 9 months.

  • CCP introduced a new system for capturing sovereignty The new system now allows guerilla like tactics to be used. Meaning sovereignty is no longer decided by who brings the biggest ships.
  • The Mittani’s failed Kickstarter

    The Mittani (leader of the Imperium) attempted to get a book published about the fountain war. This was met a with huge backlash from the rest of the eve community, esp, /r/Eve, who felt he was trying to monetize his alliance members. After this Imperium members were encouraged not to use /r/Eve thus closing themselves off.

  • High Profile Imperium members defect

    Not liking the direction the Imperium was taking a number of former high profile FC’s and spy’s leave the Imperium and join rival alliances.

  • The ‘I want isk’ financial backing for war

    The Final piece. The website ‘i want isk’ (think Iron bank) begins paying alliances to go to war with the Imperium after coalition member SMA fails to pay a bill and accuses IWI of illegal activity.

A write up can be found HERE

Also a guide to the new Allied force can be found HERE



This new Allied coalition (Moneybadger coalition) saw its first large scale victory on Wednesday night. Over 2000 players fought it out in the first real battle of this war. The final battle report can be seen HERE. It was a total victory and smashed the illusion of Imperium invincibility once and for all.

Since then the Moneybadgers haven’t really lost a battle. Confidence is sky high and EVE is being spammed with propaganda messages urging Imperium pilots to defect, Such as THIS, THIS and THIS.


Then yesterday came the biggest surprise, the Mittani announced that two Imperium alliances (BASTION and LAWN) would be abandoning their territory and pushing deeper back into Imperium Sovereignty. Currently a Dunkirk style evacuation is taking place in the region of VALE OF THE SILENT.

For a visual represention, you can see the coalition map HERE and the alliance version HERE



The combination of the Imperium having to defend its home systems and 2 years of arms building by all sides means that this war has the potential to dwarf anything that EVE has seen before. Any of the skirmishes taking place right now could easily escalate into the largest battle in gaming history.

The entire EVE community is currently abuzz with excitement. This is the first great war in 2 years and its looking like something you will be reading about on gaming sites in the coming weeks.

If you have ever been curious about EVE or wanted to be part of a huge battle, NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN!

The next few weeks could decide the future of EVE for years to come.

EDIT; Someone has crunched the numbers. The Moneybadger coalition against the imperium comprises almost 559 Corporations and nearly 40,000 pilots. THIS IS BIG!

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  1. I very much want to like EvE, I really do… It is just to much like a spreadsheet, almost every element to make a great game is there… It just feels to much like work, Star Citizen is sounding like EvE, but they actually made it a game, I freaken can’t wait…

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