Black Desert Online (NA/EU) to allow players selling Cash Shop items in in-game marketplace.

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Posted 14 hours ago

Greetings Adventurers,

Today we are writing you to provide insight into a new mechanic you can expect to see next week, following the normally scheduled maintenance.  After detailed discussions with the Developers at Pearl Abyss, it has been decided that the Value Package, Outfits, Costumes and Pets will be made available via the Market Place.  We, the Kakao Team, understand the impact of such a change and wish to provide as much information as possible, therefore we are explaining this change in advance to grant clarity.


We understand that this change will spark discussions, and have asked Pearl Abyss to share their thoughts behind this decision.  Pearl Abyss considers in-game accessibility to Pearl Items necessary in Black Desert.  Regardless of the region, there will always be players who, for whatever reason, do not get to experience all the features Black Desert offers, including Pearl Shop Items.  Adding a mechanic that grants access to Pearl Shop items with in game currency will allow more players to enjoy such content.  They are open to the community’s feedback and ask you to share your thoughts and concerns about this change.


We have communicated your feedback about such changes and your concern for players potentially being able to invest real money in order to gain an advantage, and in response Pearl Abyss has built limitation mechanics into the game.  Players will be limited to selling five items from the Pearl Shop on the Market Place per week.  This compromise will still provide in game accessibility but restrict how much can be gained via real money investment.


As we have stressed in the past, your feedback is paramount to us, and that is still true.  We encourage you to share your thoughts on this change as Pearl Abyss has requested.  However, we ask that you do so in a non-abusive but constructive manner.  We will continue to communicate on your behalf, and thank you in advance for your efforts.


-The Kakao Team


One thought on “Black Desert Online (NA/EU) to allow players selling Cash Shop items in in-game marketplace.

  1. As I have stated several times among my guildmates, it is not a matter of what this change does. They can “limit” it all the want, it could have no impact in the balance of the game, but it is still a very bad sign. In the past month in a half this game went from saying “We won’t make this pay to win” to this being the third, and biggest, “pay to win” change to come about. The first were the value packs, then it was the item you can attach to your gear so cost less to repair it, which yes both can be considered “mild” changes, just as people are trying to claim the ability to sell cash shop items is “mild.” The point of it is this though: in roughly 5 weeks we have three clear cases of the game creators bringing in a new avenue that will allow players to transfer in real life money into in game money. That is incredible fast considering we were promised no pay to win. It is not this change we fear, but the rapid rate of the trend.

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