Another Large Gloria Victis Patch is Live!

Changelog v.0.4 Pre-Alpha


Finally we can invite you to explore twice bigger game world! Besides of new locations which can be captured and upgraded, the update also brings a lot of new enemies and game mechanics improvements. We introduce a few new features as well to make Gloria Victis world more alive. We want to thank from the bottoms of our hearts all of you who participated in long tests of following versions!

Meanwhile we are almost done with implementing an ability to build walls and the other structures from scratch. We are also finally implementing a new version of equipment system – soon we will start intensive tests to bring those changes to you as soon as possible!

P. S. Today at 8 PM CEST we play with you together at EU server!

Changelog v.0.4 Pre-Alpha


– Implemented twice bigger available game world
– Added 3 new settlements, functioning as start base for raids of more experienced players
– Wooden northern fort has been replaced with a mountain keep Audunstede, which soon will receive the history and NPCs designed by one of the players
– Prepared terrain for new city, the first one to be built completely from scratch by the players
– Added gneiss – new resource which soon will be used to build walls and the other structures


– An option to respawn at Keep of the Original Faith Order has been replaced with a possibility to respawn at the closest flag controlled by a player’s nation
– Implemented new map and minimap
– Implemented NPC workers, such as miners, farmers and woodcutters who are gathering the resources
– Implemented additional NPCs’ animations such as sitting down, chopping wood, picking and mowing
– Added about 100 new NPCs and NPC enemies
– Added new shops, located in new conquerable locations


– Implemented 3 seconds long block of stamina regeneration after attacking, refreshing when holding an attack
– Adjusted stamina drain when blocking
– Implemented stamina drain when holding an attack
– Balanced damage done by different weapon types
– Balanced the prices of weapons and their recipes
– Reworked the weapons’ recipes to improve a crafting’s learning curve
– Balanced NPC enemies’ drops


– Disabled collecting of some logs (it caused server lags occurring last days)
– Reduced GPU VRAM usage to 50% – please confirm if the game performance is significantly better on older cards
– Restored weather randomizing and fixed game time syncing
– Next fixes to achievements and abilities systems – on this occasion they has been wiped
– Fixed minor graphic bugs
– Minor fixes to various systems