Wurm Online’s Steam surge already prompted devs to open new servers

Melody is live!
Accessed via a one-way portal at Harmony starter towns and the tutorial or by sailing across the southern border of Harmony, Melody is a new PvE server that is 8km x 8km.

Thank you for your patience as we deal with the absolutely crazy amount of people! pic.twitter.com/vaDgCPUwg9

— Wurm Online (@wurmonline) July 26, 2020

A small update has been released to improve the situation with the lag and some crashes! We’re continuing to monitor it as we go and will make changes as necessary! https://t.co/AnwuTDwowu pic.twitter.com/odbfRlPT6a

— Wurm Online (@wurmonline) July 26, 2020

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