Wurm Online resets the Elevation map and introduces a new launcher

“This revamp is the result of developers working extensively with players identifying key issues PvP content faces including a full reset of the main Epic PvP server, elevation. It is aimed at being a proving ground for an already planned major overhaul to PvP in Wurm entirely towards the end of the year and includes many mechanics aimed at allowing new players to effectively compete with long established players. Epic has been around for nearly seven years, meaning brand new players have a lot to catch up on, the aim of this is to help bridge that gap by removing a lot of the bloat to PvP requirements. With this update comes various changes including the addition of a soft cap to fighting characteristics and skills, as well as removal of damage reduction stacking and high end meditation abilities that require months of work to achieve and of course, the big change being a brand new 64 km 2 map to explore, claim and dominate.”

Content retrieved from: https://massivelyop.com/2019/07/10/wurm-online-resets-the-elevation-map-and-introduces-a-new-launcher/.