V Rising’s early access has already sold over 500K copies in three days

The game’s popularity appears to be fairly solid to this point, as Steam Charts shows a 24-hour peak of over 100K players (with over 83K in-game in the last hour at the time of this writing) and a #8 spot in Steam’s most played list. Of course, the game is less than a week into its early access period, so one could argue the game is still very much in a honeymoon phase.

It’s official! 500,000 Vampires out there have stepped foot into Vardoran! Thank you all for joining us on this journey! pic.twitter.com/35pLD6DQW2

— V Rising (@VRisingGame) May 20, 2022

Content retrieved from: https://massivelyop.com/2022/05/21/v-risings-early-access-has-already-sold-over-500k-copies-in-three-days/.