The Repopulation is revamping Plymouth Control ahead of cleanup and optimization patch

You may have been tempted to give up on The Repopulation after its engine-propelled collapse and takeover by Idea Fabrik almost two years ago, but the new studio hasn’t thrown in the towel. Indeed, this week Idea Fabrik published its September overview blog focusing on its revamp of Plymouth Control, largely because of framerate drops in the area that posed a threat to the upcoming patch test.

“The location of Plymouth Control has a long history of edits since it was originally created. Our revamp brings the area to revision number four. Those who’ve been here for some time may have known it as either Plymouth Canyon, Plymouth Control Station, or most recently Plymouth Control Center. While the name hasn’t changed the visuals and functionality have over the years. This revision’s focus was to clean up the area, increase performance and do the prep work so we can finally finish it with the lore in mind.”

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