Star Wars Galaxies Legends added apartments to Bespin to celebrate its sixth year as a rogue servering

“You will receive a Bespin Housing Token through the /claim window upon logging in. These tokens are one per account and are No Trade Shared. These tokens can be redeemed by talking to the Bespin Architect NPC Odih Owela at /way 75 164. There is a NON-REFUNDABLE 25 million credit fee for a Housing License. […] Once a player has a license, they will be able to visit an Apartment Terminal. These are within the lobbies of apartment buildings. All apartment buildings can be filtered through the Planetary Map. There are 3 types of apartments: Square, Round and Tibanna. The apartment terminal will allow you to choose an apartment to rent. If you have packed up an apartment, you can a unpack it via the apartment terminal in the lobby.”

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