SHROUD OF THE AVATAR Release 22 news

Portalarium continues to flesh out Shroud of the Avatar, most recently with a new intro setting called the Island of Storms. This place is a floating island in outer space with breathtaking views and crucial choices for beginning adventurers.

“Arabella greets new avatars coming from Earth and guides them with a series of questions that will determine which path they start down: Truth, Love, or Courage,” Portalarium explained. “These paths not only determine which plot thread you begin with, they also determine what your starting abilities are and what equipment you have.”

Release 22 is coming out next week for Shroud of the Avatar and will contain the ability to craft trophies from caught fish, steampunk goggles for players who go through the release tour, and the debut of dragons. Speaking of the winged lizards, you can see a dragon in action after the jump!