RAW Sandbox MMORP Game By KillerWhale Games

RAW Sandbox MMORP Game – Ultra Realism

One of the things about gaming is being someone else.  Being one with the character you are playing. For example, playing Assasin’s Creed, we feel a connection to the game and we try to think and act like an Assasin, or, if we are playing a soccer game we feel like the player.  In these games, players are given a set of skills, and generally, this is good enough. However, there are some games that take this to a completely new level. Realism-based Role Playing games are not new. However, they were not very successful in the past.

The most interesting one probably that comes to mind is GTA 5 RP and Arma 3 modes. In these games, players have a chance to be whoever they want to be. These choices change the game completely. You can be a policeman or a judge or even be a pharmacist. These games have that immersion that you would want. However, even these games have limitations. They are not Sandbox Role-Playing Games. This is where RAW comes in.


The game is still in production but the things that they offer is mind-blowing. To be honest, we just can’t wait to how it will turn out. Raw is for Hardcore RPG players. Hardcore RPG means that all the processes taking place in the game will be as close as possible to the same processes in real life.

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