After delays, anticipation, and a few death threats along the way, No Man’s Sky is finally out! On console, anyhow; PC users are going to have to wait a little bit longer, although the team is still in the building hard at work on getting the PC release going. The game’s release has been accompanied by a heartfelt message to reviewers in the Australian neck of the woods.

So how’s the actual game shaping up? Well, for one thing, players hoping for a multiplayer component as an active element of play will be sadly disappointed, as Hello Games has made it clear that actually meeting another player is incredibly unlikely. Early impressions have also stressed that the game’s survival aspects are more of a driving element than the exploration, with the exploration more of a requirement to survive than something you simply do. Check out a roundup of our own coverage below, and let us know if you’re enjoying the game’s console launch or waiting for the PC launch down in the comments.