Mortal Online: Patch Notes

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Bug Fixes
  • Fixed glitchy mount pitch rotation when players where riding.
  • Fixed a lot of typos and errors in stuff that tutors say.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped players from getting proper taming skillup when successfully taming a creature.
  • Fixed part of the map that had broken server collision and navmesh.
  • Fixed issue with new houses that didin’t correctly do their version-update.
  • Fixed a pretty rare node crash.
  • Fixed pet receipts on Sarducaa. They now have the correct name as their city instead of “Other Stable”.
  • Fixed PhysAsset for Goriax.
  • Fixed some floating objects in the Myrland Jungle.
  • Fixed a house that was partially underground.
  • Fixed guard halberds.
  • Fixed some trees giving the wrong resource.
  • Fixed the blue flag some Slaves had.
  • Fixed an issue that existed when moving between the Belrim and Pash nodes.
  • Wartable added to sarducaa keeps.
  • Added better range check for workbenches.
  • You can no longer finish people in mercy mode unless you have a weapon drawn.
  • Changed HUD rendering passes to avoid people turning of the HUD when the screen is fading.
  • Re-added the gore option.
  • Improved message when you have the wrong version installed.
  • Tweaked the landscape around the dungeon on the platform west of Kamin Mara so that it is no longer possible to reach the dungeon from there.
  • The Reading timer tooltip is now less repetitive.
  • When failing to sleep because of combat mode or other reasons, there will no longer be a message saying you lie down to sleep even though you actually don’t.
  • When trying to tame or dominate a creature with too low or too high level for your skill, the message saying that “you will gain no experience” is now more informative as to whether your skill is too low or too high for the creature you’re trying to tame or dominate.
  • It is no longer possible to build TC structures directly inside of keep locations. Guilds with TC inside of their keeps will have the structures refunded once the hotfix is published.
  • Committing a crime that turns you from neutral (blue) to criminal (gray) will now result in a message informing you of this. Previously you only got this message if you were a fledgling (yellow).
  • Messages saying “this resource is (almost) depleted” are now categorized as “game” messages rather than “skill” messages.
  • Jumping or strafing will no longer stop autorun.
  • Sarducaa magistrates now say long live the queen rather than the emperor.
  • All emitters spawned by code is set to translucency 3 now fixing among other things fishing.
  • Tweaked PhysAsset for gamal.
  • Skillbooks for Stonewood Lore, Tapii Lore and Animism have been added.
  • A new section has been added to Beth Jedda.
  • The number world treasure chest spawns have been adjusted slightly.
  • Added some spawners to certain areas of Sarducaa.
  • Fog has returned to Gaul Kor.
  • Gear Vendors have been added to the cities of Sarducaa.
  • Slightly adjusted terrain in some spots on Sarducaa to avoid players getting stuck.
  • Belrim no longer has a House Trade Broker, but a House Vendor instead.
  • Removed some static mesh stone lizards that were left behind in Sarducaa from testing.
  • Scaled up the size of the tunnels in the dungeon which houses the Ratzar Queen.
  • Removed some duplicate mushroom vendors in Myrland towns.
  • Removed duplicate training librarian in Bakti.
  • Tweaked Belrim layout, propping, texturing and NPCs.
  • There should now only be one Thorax at any given time.
  • Adjusted the stats of Stone Lizards
  • New Walkers have been added to the Tindrem Graveyard. These will not automatically converge on the closest target at all times.
  • Scaled down the size of the Ratzar Queen slightly to avoid pathing issues.