Mortal Online: GM event: Days of the Dead 27-31 October

Days of the Dead 27-31 October

Undead will once again walk the streets among the living!

Halloween is upon us and to celebrate this we have created a special event for you all to enjoy.
During the 27-31 October the dead will walk the streets of the living.
Each day in a new city, each day with custom new rare and interesting loot for you to beat out of them.

So join us!

Celebrate Halloween the way it was meant to be celebrated: by putting countless undead back into the ground they came from.

Take the chance to acquire some of the Event-only available items!

  • Event exclusive Day Of The Dead Cape!
  • Wearable Pumpkin heads in two variations!
  • Pumpkin decoration for your player house!

Get the Chance to loot some temporary kick-ass relic weapons!

  • Cursed Claymore!
  • Dagger Of Precision!
  • Bow Of Blessing!

Or some rare Spiritist and Necromancy books and scrolls such as

  • Animal Magnetism
  • Walker Knowledge
  • Mental Projectile
  • Multiverse Knowledge
  • Ether Portal
  • and more!

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