Mortal Online: Amulets and Rings Development Update


Amulets and Rings Development Update

Progress update

Hi there!
So it’s been a while since we released the new housing and we are happy to hear that most people find that update a lot of fun!
But today’s update is about a new secret feature we have been working on for a little while: Amulets and Rings.

As the game gets older more and more builds gets figured out. Players often use the exact same combination of skills and attributes for their characters since it’s the most effective way to play their role.
We want to change all of that and give players more room to experiment with strange builds and skill combinations.
So let’s take a look at this new type of equipment.

Amulets and Rings:

Amulets and Rings are rare items that can be equipped on your character to modify your skills, attributes and a lot of other things.
These trinkets range in tier from 1 – 7. When they are created they are given a set of random effects that will influence your character when they are equipped and charged.
Higher tier trinkets will have more effects and more powerful changes.
The number of combinations the system can create is staggering so you will always be on the lookout for better rings and amulets.



You can only wear one Amulet at a time.
Amulets give you bonus points in a set of skills. Depending on the tier of the amulet you can gain up to 100 points in a skill for free. This means that finding a good Amulet can drastically change your entire build since the free skill levels it gives you free up skill points that can be spent on other skills.
Amulets also have a couple of secondary effects, the possible ones are:

  • +% Slashing Defence
  • +% Piercing Defence
  • +% Blunt Defence
  • +% Ecumenical Damage
  • +% Ecumenical Mana Reduction
  • +% Ecumenical Defence
  • +% Spiritism Damage
  • +% Spiritism Mana Reduction
  • +% Spiritism Defence
  • +% Necromancy Damage
  • +% Necromancy Mana Reduction
  • +% Necromancy Defence
  • +% Free Armor Weight



You can wear two rings on every character. Rings will give you bonus to your attributes.
There are two types of attribute bonuses: basic and raw.
Basic bonus adds points to a attribute freeing up attribute points that can be used on other things. The basic attribute bonus will be capped by your racial cap.
Raw attribute bonus give bonus to the attribute after it’s capped, meaning you can push a attribute beyond your racial cap.
Just like Amulets rings also have secondary effects:

  • +% Slashing Damage
  • +% Piercing Damage
  • +% Blunt Damage
  • +Max Health
  • +Max Mana
  • +Max Stamina
  • +% Trinket Luck
  • +% Rare Trinket Luck
  • +% Skill Trinket Luck
  • +% Loot Luck
  • +% Loot Amount

The Meld:


Rings and amulets do not drop when you die.
Instead the Kau and Ba in the trinket gets disconnected and will need to be merged for the item to be charged and have any effect on your character.
To do this you will have to combine the item with a Meld of the same or higher tier. Meld is expensive and can be bought from NPCs.
There’s also a special type of Meld called Chaotic Meld. Chaotic Melds are harvested from large spirits in the etherworld. Chaotic Meld will not recharge a trinket, instead it completely changes the Ba contained in it giving the trinket brand new effects.

That’s all!

This feature is not ready for release yet but it’s rather close.
We are currently testing it out on the test server and would love to get your feedback.
We made a forum thread where you can discuss this update right here.