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Twitch Stream April 7th 2022 Summary

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Twitch Stream April 7th 2022 Summary

Next Patch

Our next patch is planned to come out on April 18th. We wanted to spend this next week polishing it for release. We are also taking a bit of time to add features from the end of April roadmap step. Here are a few examples what is included next patch.

No More Alts – We are intending from this point moving forward to not have alts.

Flagging – We are adding some foundations for the war and flagging system update.

Campfires – You will be able to place these down for light, heat (resting bonus), and cooking. This will include placeable extractors and crushers.

Housing Passwords and Chests – Houses will get a password system which will allow you to give others access to your house. A new chest is coming called an “Access Chest” where you can place a password to give other players an opportunity to use them. For some clarification we will break down the chests;

House Chest: a chest that only the property owner has access too
Guild Chest: this chest only works in Keeps. This chest is for guild member use while in a Keep. These do not work on Houses or Strongholds.
Access Chest: can be placed in any property and allows for a chest with a password to give access to others.

Random Chest and Chest Keys – Some chests in the world will require keys. These can be found in the wild.

New Name Colours – A foundation for the new flagging system and the bounty hunter system. Let us explain the colors and their meaning, this could also give some clarification for the current system.

Red Name – This player is your Bounty Hunter target.

Orange Name – This player you are at war with. This includes forced war declarations and regular war declarations. Attacking this player will give you the war commandant debuff. You will be attacked by guards while this debuff is present.

Green Name – This player is your guild member.

Blue Name – This player is protected by the law in his/her current state. Attacking this player turns you into a criminal and changes your Name Grey. Killing a blue player can result in rep loss and a Murder Count if they do not have a Murder Count 5 or over.

Teal Name – This player is an alliance member.

Grey Names – This player is currently a criminal with the criminal debuff. Players can attack a grey player without becoming criminal themselves and without the risk of having a Murder Count being reported.

Light Grey Name – This player is able to be attacked and killed by you without Murder Count or Reputation Loss consequence. It is a personal flag to your character only. This can be done usually with Duels. This is sometimes called “Local Grey”.

Healing Clade XP – We are still finalizing some refinement, however we will be producing this next patch. When you heal someone, those heals are tracked on those players. When the healed players attack and kill mobs, you will receive and appropriate clade XP cut.


We currently are focused on our delivering our first 2 months of roadmap content. This includes foundation systems that will help with our future roadmap projections and beyond. Here is some information on the future patches and features.

Bounty Hunting

How are bounties obtained? – Bounties will be able to received from an NPC. This will pull from a random pool of player murderers. Only the single bounty hunter will be able to obtain the reward for the completed bounty. Once the head is delivered to the bounty hunter NPC, you will receive the reward. Players will be able to add rewards to the random bounty system if they have a head they want collected, but there will be no integrated system for player made bounties. That will have to be done between players.

Will Bounty Hunters have Ranks? – Yes, completed bounties will contribute to your rank for leaderboard placement. Ranks will also give you access to other Bounty Hunter tools and can be expanded on at a future date. This also includes titles.

What should I know if I am a murderer? – If you have a over 5 Murder Counts, you are considered a murderer and will be placed inside the random Bounty Hunter pool. If you are hunted, there will be a grace period where you cannot be hunted again. There is a plan to add a “Most Wanted” list for the public to know who is avoiding or winning against bounty hunters attacks.

Tracking – We are still finalizing some lore relating naming however there will be a tracking tool. This tool will only work per bounty. It will ping you a generalized location of your bounty hunter target. It will have a timer when it can be used again, this making sure you still have to track the target. If the tool becomes a bird in finalization, you will not need specific lore to use the tool/animal.

War System/Flagging

We are adding some changes to War Declarations and adding Forced Declarations. Here are some of those additions and changes;

Alliance System – You will be able to add other guilds as allies. They will appear Teal.

War Combatant Debuff – When you attack a player who you are at war with, you will gain a war commandant debuff, This will cause you to flag guards if you are near by. The NPC nations do not tolerate war on their streets.

Forced War Declaration – A guild can choose to force a war onto another guild. There will be an initial fee plus an upkeep cost for this war. There will be some checks and requirements for a guild to be able to have war declared on them. This will prevent larger guilds simply preying on smaller or PvP avoidant guilds. These requirements vary from size and PvP involvement.


Raising Pets – To raise a pet you need to set up a ritual. You’ll be able to use the carcass of creatures to raise them to use as pets. By only using only carcass, the undead pet may be weaker. You can use other material to strengthen your pet during the ritual process. You will be able to combine different creatures to create special pets. The combinations will not be limitless, these special creatures will need specific recipes. Raised pets do use Creature Control Pet Points. Undead creatures are also illegal and won’t be allowed in NPC towns.

Command Undead Spell – Based on your attributes, you’ll be able to command undead creatures already in the world of Nave, such as a walker.

Mute Spell – You’ll be able to mute players, VoIP, local chat, commands (ex. Tamer commands), etc. with a spell.

Points of Interests

We are starting to complete Points of Interests for the game world. We have a list of over 1500 to complete. We are looking at inspiration from other games on how they draw players to locations. These locations are designed to reward players. These rewards can be small or larger in nature.


We have hundred of titles we have no implemented in game as of yet, We plan on implementing them over time.


Events – Someone had asked for an Easter Event. We are not doing an Easter Event however we are working on weaving natural circumstances between patches to promote the movement and interaction of the player base. These events will be Lore-Friendly and correct. Stay Tuned.

Unreal Engine 5 – We are aware of the official release of Unreal Engine 5. We want focus on our current roadmap first. Some systems are MO ready and some we may have to wait for more development. We want to ensure that the performance of our game is not affected in a negative way when we launch in Unreal Engine 5. We currently do not have an ETA.

Lore – Even though the world of Nave is inspired by Earth, we want to have unique explanations and systems for this world we have created. A shoutout to Matt who has been our lore guy. He is creating some unique explanations for all that happens in the world of Nave. On occasion, names and mechanics are retconned from the previous games as we find better ways to explain the purpose of the topic. We want to create something believable with purpose.

Animator Bottleneck – We are in the process of hiring more animators. We require these roles to help the process for things such as animal animations, riding, pet equipment, etc. It will also help us work on multiple animation tasks at a time.

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