Mortal Online 2 Combat Alpha Update – Everything you need to know! Archery, New City, + MORE

This Mortal Online 2 update, known as the Combat Alpha Update, bring many new additions to the game as well as many changes, along with a developer update and new roadmap for November and beyond. Some of the biggest changes and additions included in this update are the new coastal city of Meduli, the archery skill, the first ranged weapons in the form of a variety of bows, armour and shields crafting, swimming, new emotes, interactions and animations, and much more!

For those just finding out about Mortal Online 2 for the first time, this is an online first-person sandbox MMORPG currently in alpha development. It’s the successor of the original Mortal Online, and has a huge amount of potential.

Mortal Online 2 looks like it’s set to take on the niche hardcore sandbox MMORPG genre and outshine its current offerings in pretty much every aspect. Large 3D hardcore open-world sandbox MMORPG games like Mortal Online and Darkfall (aka Rise of Agon) have been around for a while, but not many games have come close to offering the same level of immersion and freedom as in the peak of those games’ heights within the genre. Sandbox games like Albion Online and Runescape have somewhat scratched the itch of many players wanting a sandbox experience in an MMORPG, but they aren’t immersive in the same way 3d, and particularly first-person games are. Mortal Online 2 looks to be set on a path towards filling that void in the hardcore sandbox MMORPG genre which has been there for quite some time now.