Legends of Aria.com outlands development update

One of our goals for the Outlands is to offer vibrant environmental storytelling as you adventure through this new landmass. From the outset, we’ve made sure every location in the Outlands is significant to the history of it. Last post, we looked at the general biome of the Outlands. A vast, arid, wasteland full of long forgotten evils. From here on out, we’ll be diving into some of the specific points of interest. Shown here is a quick glance at one the long abandoned Necrothium mines. As the miners would dig deeper and deeper, the Necrothium would often seem to burst from the rock when they dug close enough. Some suspected it had to do with the strange air emanating from it and building pressure over time. The more superstitious miners felt as if the Necrothium was calling to them. Begging to be mined. We’ll have much more to show in the weeks leading up to PR11. This is just the beginning of what awaits for players in the Outlands.

Game Design: Heirloom Items Overview

With the release of the Outlands, players will have access to unique quest lines and encounters which will allow them to acquire Heirlooms. These items will allow players to increase their power in specific skills. Each Heirloom will have a designated skill that can be gained, and depending on the skill, players will have access to new abilities, spells, craftables, or increased combat effectiveness. Below you can find a list of skills which we plan to have Heirloom items for. Please note: This list is not finalized, and may change as development progresses. 

Heirloom Skills

  • Combat

HealingMartial ProwessMagery

  • Crafting


  • Misc.
  • Taming
  • Barding

Each player will only be able to have one Heirloom equipped at a given time, so choosing which skill you wish to boost will allow you to tune your character to suit your playstyle.

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