Item Reward Cycles & the Crowfall Player

Item Reward Cycles & the Crowfall Player -

In our next big release (Pre-Alpha 5.100), we’ll introduce randomized loot that approximates but doesn’t quite match the effects that can be placed on an item via crafting. The system allows an item to have effects that can modify the stats of the item or the wearer. Initially, this will be limited to weapons and armor, but will eventually be extended to other items as well.

n most cases, the stat and durability values used on a loot item are about 70-80% of the possible maximum values if made by a skilled crafter who landed good experimentation rolls and used the reroll option when crafting, which is often done on the damage values for crafted weapons. In this way, we are trying to ensure that crafted equipment has a slight advantage in value over looted items. Additionally, crafters have the added advantage of choosing the stats placed on their crafts, allowing them to customize items to a player’s particular needs versus a random loot value.

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