Haven & Hearth – Oldschool MMORPG launches a new World with improved gameplay!

Haven & Hearth – Oldschool MMORPG launches a new World with improved gameplay!

Trailer of a new World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Itu4bMcezY

About Haven & Hearth:

Haven & Hearth is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in a fictional world loosely inspired by Slavic and Germanic myth and legend. The game sets itself apart from other games in the genre in its aim to provide players with an interactive, affectable and mutable game world, which can be permanently and fundamentally changed and affected through actions undertaken by the players. Our fundamental goal with Haven & Hearth is to create a game in which player choices have permanent and/or lasting effects and, thus, providing said players with a meaningful and fun gaming experience.

Players start the game surrounded by a vast and somewhat unforgiving wilderness, with only the most basic tools of survival at their disposal. The use of fire is a thematic focal point of the game’s mythos, and an early and important task will be the simple lighting of one. As the first hearth fires disperse the darkness of the surrounding wilderness, more pressing questions will present themselves to the players: Who are they? Where are they? And, most importantly, where are they going? From this point on, players will have to blaze trails of their own into the unknown, the wilderness and the future, and explore and affect the world of Haven & Hearth using only their own best judgment and a chipped stone axe. Trust us, the stone axe is the shit.

As players progress, they will be able to acquire new skills and abilities, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks—such as the claiming of land, the construction of buildings and the cultivation of crops—each step forward making the basic task of survival somewhat easier. Having progressed far enough, players will, in time, be able to organize themselves into societies, from simple tribes and villages, progressing through republics, nation states and, ultimately, empires.

About new World 11:

In light of the present state of the Hearth, and of its further development, a kind providence has decreed it time for Haven & Hearth to enter a new beginning. The present World 10 will thus, on the 1st of February 2019, be consigned to the bit-bucket of history, and the Hearth remade anew.

For those of you who have never experienced a world reset before, the implication of this is that all variable data — maps, characters, &c — will be purged, and a new, clean, world generated in their steads. This post aims to inform you of the fact that we are going to make a world reset, and to provoke some discussion and feedback on some central topics relevant for the new world.

The primary reasons for a world reset are:

  • We intend to address long-standing imbalances in the present Food system, which have over time caused severe inflations in character values, but cannot do so with less than a clean wipe of all characters.

  • We intend to deploy a buildup of various, minor but invasive changes to core systems relating to things like qualities, credos, hearth magic, &c, which cannot be deployed to a running world without institutionalizing historical imbalances in it.

  • We intend to make significant changes to the siege system, due to perceived overcomplexity, which is prudent to do in conjunction with a world reset.

  • We intend to improve and iterate on the map generator.

  • World resets are fun.

We will, over the coming two weeks, be posting various threads asking for your input on topics relevant to us, and our own thoughts on systematic changes relevant for a world reset. Feel free to take your own initiatives in that regard in this or other threads. This thread will be updated with relevant links to such threads when and as we post them.

So far we have:
RFC: Hunting Exploits
RFC: Metal spiraling

World 10 is the longest actively developed world to ever have graced the Hearth, and while some might say it has overstayed its welcome, we nevertheless consider both its present state, and the present user numbers, somewhat of a testament to an increasing longevity of the game in general. This world has been a lot of fun, and we are very excited to bring you the next.

Various other notes:

  • We will honor your subscriptions by — when we do the reset on the 1st of Februray — resetting the server timer back to the first of January. All subscription time passed since the 1st of January will be rolled back.

  • Please remember to stash any subtokens, custom sketches, and dev capes you wish to keep for the new world. Hats are of course unaffected.

TLDR: WORLD 11, 2019-02-01

Official website: http://www.havenandhearth.com/portal/

Forum post about world 11: http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=62781&sid=c6154f09dde00843f34f6b2b45d71b36

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