Gloria Victis: Rise of the Empire Patch

Rise of the Empire! (Update v.0.8.0 – Steam Patch 108)

Barbarian hordes pushed the frontline deep into the Empire’s lands. We did all we could in order to stop them, to save our citizens from pain and loss. Outnumbered and wounded after the last battle, we had no chance. Yet we held the ground – how could we fail while standing by the Emperor himself? His majesty managed to unite the Sangmarians, Azebian nomads and other countless tribes of the Empire. After all his campaigns against the barbarians, Aurelian the Magnificent has truly deserved his name. And now he’s dying from the wounds. What will happen to the holy Sangmar Empire we’ve all fought for?
Klaudius Lucius, commander of the 5th Praetorian Legion

Ave, warriors! Check the latest update and see what will happen on your own! Enjoy brand new story of Baalhammon, the city of countless lights and an oasis of art and wisdom, and see the rise of the Sangmar Empire!

The Emperor is dead; long live the Emperor!

Changelog v.0.8.0

Rework of the Azebian nation – rise of the Sangmar Empire!

– New name for the nation – The Sangmar Empire
– New capital city – Baalhammon
– New minor flag locations: Baalhammon Farm, Baalhammon Lumbermill, Basilea Farm and Basilea Mine
– New nation’s story and new main questline
– Updated the Sangmar Empire’s description in character creation menu
– New equipment
– Redesigned the southern part of the game world
– Moved safezone and non-looting zone in the Sangmar Empire’s starting area and near Fort Serai
– Relocated unique chests in the Sangmar Empire’s safezone – they have been previously in Serai
– Moved the River Outpost world event to new location
– Disabled old Azebian quests – they will be relocated and made available again in the future
– Temporarily disabled low-level events in the Sangmar Empire’s starting area
– Temporarily disabled quests in 2 villages placed by a bridge

Gameplay & fixes:

– Reduced damage dealt by the siege engines’
– Fixed display issues when swimming in deep water
– Improved network traffic by increasing the network data processing by 1 frame – ping should be reduced by 1 client’s and server’s frame
– Fixed playing the death sound effects when killing other players
– Introduced additional confirmation step required to claim a guild location
– Fixed an issue causing confirming a step by pressing ESC or closing a confirmation window with “X” icon
– Fixed an issue causing that NPC guards haven’t spawned properly until any object in given location has been upgraded
– Fixed an edge case issue causing displaying markers of already completed quests on the map
– Reduced the quest NPCs fighting range

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