Gloria Victis: Resource gathering and game economy – redefined!

Weekly Update 273 – Resource gathering and game economy – redefined!
Greetings, warriors, gatherers, and crafters!

As we announced a few weeks ago, our designers were working on the rework of an important part of the Gloria Victis MMO economy – resource availability and gathering systems. Looking at the data from the last months, it became clear that there are too few good gathering spots on the map and it limited the possibilities for gatherers and crafters to collect the resources.

That is why, after talking with the Community about the ideas to improve those aspects of the game and receiving your approval and feedback, we are happy to introduce a lot of changes that will make the resources system more interesting, rewarding, and conjugated with territory control.

We made the open world and nation castles resource spots more important and useful by introducing location specializations and made the gathering more clear and less random by exchanging random resource spawners to bigger and more efficient nodes and a new type of resource deposits – veins.

The user interface, the balance of the gathering tools, and the gathering system itself have changed greatly, and we are hoping that those improvements will be warmly welcomed.

As always, we are also delivering some Quality of Life improvements and fixes, so check the details below and see you in the game!

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