Gloria Victis – Reputation system added, Ismirs main town overhauled!

Changelog v.0.5.8 Alpha


The latest update for Gloria Victis introduces the fully overhauled Mereley and the reputation system, as well as changes to the combat system which greatly improve the combat dynamics!
Redesigned Mereley, the main settlement of Ismirs, greatly improves the experience of newcomers who chose to play this nation. Not only does the location fit better to the Ismirs, gruesome warriors from the rocky and frosty North, but also impress the players with its scale and diversity – combined massive fort, plundered village and fishing docks are more than thrice larger than the old Mereley!

Another great addition is implementation of the reputation system. Reputation reflects various actions performed by players – for example, partaking in events will increase it, while oppressing the player’s countrymen will have a negative impact. Actions affect the character’s social status, giving players a chance to earn a noble title for themselves – or to be banished and marked as an outlaw who would eventually get the redemption through the hard work in supporting their nation. In the nearest future the system will be expanded with more actions being included, as well as implementing the heroes system, which will reward players who, at a time, have served their nation the best and will be able to inspire their countrymen, as well as to initialize events for an entire nation on their own.

And last but not least – basing on the feedback received from our players, we have greatly improved the combat dynamics by reducing the input latency and synchronizing the powerbar loading times with the actual attacks animations. Bowshooting mechanics have also been modified, so the distance of the arrow’s flight depends on the bow draw power – thanks to this archery became even more skill-based!

Changelog v.0.5.8 Alpha

Combat system:

– Improved the combat system – allowed players to perform fast, weaker attacks, significantly increasing the combat smoothness and dynamics
– Shorten loading times of powerbar, so they better fit the actual attacks animations
– Made distance of arrow’s flight dependent on the bow draw power


– Finished the overhaul of Mereley, main settlement of Ismirs – after a complete redesign of the fort on a hill and implementation of fishing docks and a plundered village, an entire location is more than 3x bigger!
– Implemented the first version of the reputation system, which reflects the action performed by players – partaking in events increases reputation, while fighting countrymen reduces it, in effect affecting the character’s social status; in the nearest future the system will be improved with adding new actions, electing the heroes from each nation and penalties and rewards related to the social status
– Modified locations claiming mechanics – to start capturing a location, you have to interact with a flag; movement or death of character interrupts claiming and flag slowly comes to the original position; in future this solution will allow guilds to claim locations for themselves
– Added displaying the coat of arms of the guild of player who captured a location on the banners in controlled locations


– PVP loot is back!
– Fixed an issue causing that event resources were duplicated
– Minor fixes to user interface

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