Gloria Victis – New dynamic events added, new breathtaking locations coming soon!

Changelog v.0.5.7 Alpha


The latest update introduces new events occurring in the Gloria Victis world, bringing even more life to the starter locations and making them more and more credible. Therefore the fundamental goal – creating a living, open world – step by step comes to life!

On the other hand, based on the impressive amount of feedback gathered from the “Valley of Death” tournament, many optimization fixes have been implemented, in effect greatly improving the game’s and servers’ performance. There are also many gameplay and balance adjustments which significantly improve the user experience.

New breathtaking location – second part of the recently started Mereley rework – is going to come in the next update. The plundered village, placed between the fort and the recently added fishing docks, is going to be implemented next week!

Changelog v.0.5.7 Alpha


– Added new dynamic events South to Dunfen and Mereley
– Added a loading screen when moving to the arena or the Valley of Death and back
– Added numerous server optimization fixes (including the characters’ animations system – please report any problems with controller/desynchronization


– Fixed an issue causing glitches occuring on the terrain
– Fixed an issue preventing players from opening the location upgrading window by clicking its flag after they used any other flag previously
– Fixed an issue allowing to earn huge amount of experience by bringing the materials required to upgrade a location
– Fixed an animation issue caused by sprinting with block
– Fixed an issue allowing to loot the same item from the NPC enemies repeatedly
– Fixed an issue with the additional hit detection system being working only for the ranged weapons
– Fixed an issue causing problems with right-clicking the players’ characters (opening the context menu)
– Fixed an issue allowing to close the respawn window by clicking the Escape button
– Fixed an issue with the animations of using the pots with boiling oil not being displayed
– Fixed an issue with the active chests remaining open all the time
– Fixed an issue with the models of crops causing the performance drop
– Fixed the size of some of the interface windows