Gloria Victis – Enhanced crafting system, tweaks done to the reputation system and 1-handed spears added

Changelog v.


The latest weekly update for Gloria Victis brings to life a massive enhancement of the crafting system! Numerous changes have been done to either increase a meaning of the dedicated crafters and expand the profits earned by each player of a nation from conquering the lands. From now on, players will have to seek for the best ingredients and to use appropriate crafting workshops to create the high quality weapons and armors, as well as to maximize the amount of crafted materials.

Another way to increase the quality of products is to help your own nation to conquer numerous settlements, as keeping them under control increases the crafting efficiency as well, allowing crafters to support allies with decent weaponry and armors. Therefore it becomes a common sense to claim various lands and defend them as long as possible. In the nearest future the territory control system will be expanded with building the crafting workshop from scratch and upgrading them – each location will allow the owners to maximally upgrade the specific types of workshops.

The update introduces other significant changes as well, many of which were inspired by the feedback received from our community, such as numerous tweaks done to the reputation system in order to improve the user experience. We also added the one-handed spears, as we have often been asked for it. Combined with the recently redesigned hit detection system and attack ranges of the different weapons types, short spears will be very useful for the closed-combat group encounters, allowing players to keep a safe distance between them and the enemies.

As in the last week, due to preparations for the upcoming Steam release we have a pleasure to invite every Gloria Victis player for tomorrow’s stress-test! It will start on the EU server at 7 P.M. CEST, before the PVP tournament. Everyone feel welcome to join and help us testing the recent progress, and bring all your friends from the game!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

Crafting system:

The crafting system has been greatly improved, allowing us to increase the meaning of the crafting workshops and locations where you will be able to build and upgrade them. From now on we will also be able to balance the equipment and add new recipes way easier and faster. Further improvements to the system will be released soon, including ability to choose a method of sorting the recipes list and history of the recently opened recipes.

The system passed our internal tests, however there may still be some issues. Thank you all for careful tests and reporting all problems to!

We have also added a large fix to the servers’ performance and stability which optimizes the network traffic caused by resources, crafting workshops and containers. Thank you very much for checking if they work properly!

– Redesigned the equipment’s quality version – instead of [-3] to [+3] versions there are qualities from basic to [+6] (currently the highest available); while it may not be a huge change from the player’s point of view, this change will allow us to balance the equipment and add new recipes way easier and faster
– From now on, the items’ statistics are strictly dependent on quality and basic parameters
– To significantly improve the database operations required for the crafting system overhaul all your items (weapons and armors) have been equalized to [+2] quality
– Improved the chance and earned experience bonuses from workshops, buffs and used materials
– Added displaying chances for creating each possible quality version of an item
– Added marking green the professions which are connected to a workshop selected by a player
– Improved chat messages about created items and earned experience
– Improved working of the crafting window after opening it by using a workshop and then opening it again “stand-alone”
– Fixed an issue causing that after inputting manually the amount of created items only one item was created
– Fixed an issue causing that after using the recipes “search” function profession didn’t change properly, causing leveling up another profession on the game’s client side
– Fixed numerous minor issues with the recipes “search” function

Occurrence of the items quality versions:
– Vendors sell items in the basic version (without number)
– From exploration (NPC enemies, chests etc) you can earn items up to [+2] quality, though bosses and rare chests can drop higher quality items
– By crafting without using a proper workshop you can create items of up to [+3] quality
– By crafting using a proper workshop you can create items of any quality, even [+6]
– Items of higher qualities will be available on special occasions

Reputation system:

– Replaced the “Wanted” debuff with “Warning!” debuff which is applied after attacking a countrymen not belonging to a player’s party (its duration time is being cumulated and after the third hit it’s replaced with 10-minutes long “Traitor” debuff); names of the warned characters are displayed yellow and while they are not chased by the guards, attacking or killing them is not punished with negative reputation nor traitor status
– Implemented earning the negative reputation and “Traitor” debuff for looting allies, except for looting players with a traitor status
– Restored daily limit of 1000 reputation points
– Fixed an issue causing that the NPC guards were chasing a traitor until relogging, even if the debuff duration time expired
– Fixed an issue causing that players with negative social status were losing the traitor mark after the death


– Improved the character’s controller – it shouldn’t lock after changing weapons (thank you for reporting any problems!)
– Slightly increased the 2-handed spears attack range
– Implemented one-handed spears, available from the vendors in towns and castles
– Added negative HP reputation for the NPC mercenaries who support the players’ teams during the “Valley of Death” PVP tournament
– Added new piece of music at the end of the PVP tournament
– Diversified prices modifiers for selling items to the NPC vendors depending on the location – vendors in the starter towns offer lower prices than the ones in towns and castles which can be captured


– Removed duplication of the items by trading with another player and NPC vendor at the same time
– Fixed an issue causing full repair of items after buying them back from the NPC vendors
– Fixed an issue causing that respawn was impossible after dying from falling
– Fixed an issue causing that character was respawning in the Castle Audunstede when choosing the closest respawn point after dying near the Lord’s Wrath Abbey
– Fixed an issue causing that the flag capturing or upgrading events were not disappearing after finishing them
– Fixed an issue causing that effects of blessings from the activity cards were stacking; from now on, using another card of the same type will only increase the effect’s duration time


– Allowed to reduce the quality of water and terrains and resolution of the displayed objects on low and the lowest settings of “Model detail level”, improving performance on weaker video cards with low amount of VRAM memory
– Added a large fix to the servers’ performance and stability which optimizes the network traffic caused by resources, crafting workshops and containers