Gloria Victis – Dynamic events, launcher update and a new location! Changelog v.0.5.6 Alpha


A long awaited update has been finally released! Among the numerous gameplay improvements and fixes to various systems, the update 0.5.6 introduces the first version of the dynamic events system, a new location and a new launcher version!

The first dynamic events, which has been placed at the outskirts of Dunfen and Mereley, greatly increase the credibility of the Gloria Victis world – foxes sneak to hunt chickens, outcasts steal supplies and rebels oppress the townsmen. Next events, which will be implemented in the nearest future, will smoothly introduce the new players into the Gloria Victis world helping them to learn the gameplay mechanics and allow the players to affect the situation of the game world.

A new location – fishing docks which can be found West to Mereley – is a first step of the start locations massive rework. The first impression is very important, therefore both Mereley and Dunfen, alongside with their suburbs, will be redesigned in the in the nearest future and filled with the dynamic events.

A new launcher version, on which we have been working intensively over the last few weeks, resolves most of the problems with downloading and updating the game. We hope that thanks to it many of you will come back to the game and check the latest changes!

See you on the battlefield!


A new launcher version has been implemented – at the first launch of the current launcher it will be updated. When a message “Updating launcher, please wait” will appear, please wait (in some situations it may take up to few minutes – program may stop responding).
Due to the changes in files structure the entire game will be downloaded at the first launch. In case of any problems with launcher (no response for longer time, low download speed) please restart the launcher.

Avast Antivirus tends to verify the launcher repeatedly, causing some problems – we recommend disabling the Avast protection and the DeepScreen function (by default it’s enabled in the Avast settings) for the time of updating the launcher and downloading the game.

Changelog v.0.5.6 Alpha


– Implemented the first version of the dynamic events system – the test version includes 4 basic events per nation, placed around Dunfen and Mereley, as well as the first events chain of the rebels attacking the suburbs area
– Implemented a new location – the fishing docks East to Mereley
– Refresheded the game graphics – textures, shaders and colour palette
– Added 15 new animation of death for the humanoid characters (player’s one and NPCs)
– Added 5 new iddle animations for the player’s character
– Modified buffs for capturing and controlling the flags – they don’t give bonuses to statistics which affect combat anymore
– Implemented missing recipes for crushed ceramics and porcelain, distributed them in the NPC drops
– Implemented a more restrictive checking of the position of the players’ characters positions and an additional hits detection system


– Fixed an issue allowing to walk on the bottom of the sea by holding block or attack before walking into the water
– Fixed an issue causing a lot of the resources not being spawned in the game world
– Fixed an issue causing that, in some cases, character’s controller desynchronization used to happen after changing weapons using a hotbar
– Fixed an issue allowing to equip numerous lanterns on the same equipment slot, causing a massive performance drop for the other players

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