Fractured: Dev Roadmap – To Release & Beyond

Dev Roadmap – To Release & Beyond

The release of Fractured Online is behind the corner, but our plans go way beyond that. Come discover them!

We are aware you’ve wanted a proper roadmap for a while, and we apologize for having you wait for so long. Here it finally comes, packed with a lot of updates, several already under development and coming this month!

Check out the picture below for an overview, then read the post for all the details!

Fresh Server

This is likely going to be the most contentious point of this post, so let’s discuss it properly.

At full release, we are planning to launch a new server (codename: Elysium) to go side by side with the current one (codename: Genesis). We know this is controversial, because most new players will go to Elysium by default, possibly leaving Genesis underpopulated if the influx isn’t strong enough.

Why not just keeping Genesis then, and spinning up a new universe only if needed? There are 3 main reasons:

  • A new server has been listed by so many guilds and groups (including several who had already played during Beta) as a strict requirement for them joining in / coming back, that hitting full release without it would be a death sentence for the game.
  • Launching an MMO with a strong PvP component without a fresh server will lead to harsh criticism and negative reviews from many who join and find out. This we were aware of, but not to the extent we fully realized now. New players will simply feel the playing field is not even. And sure, we know that 2 months after full release, new players will be in the same situation. However…
  • …the economy on the current server is not in a terrible state (except for the lack of activity), but not in a good one either, due to hacking (duping) and major balance changes. Too many items that should not exist are around. It would actually be unfair to new players.

Because of this, the new server is a forced decision for us. As a token of our gratitude for being here before, if you have reached rank 30 with at least one character on Genesis before this post was released, you will get:

  • An exclusive mount skin, armor recolor and title.
  • Free VIP time and tokens.

We will consider additional VIP and token rewards for the players who really played a lot – with thresholds and amounts to be defined!

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