First screenshot of Black Desert Online English Client Surfaces


Published on August 10th, 2015 | by admin


First screenshot of Black Desert Online English Client Surfaces

Earlier today, Daum Games Europe’s Community Manager Oli did an introduction on Black Desert Online’s reddit page.  At the end of the introduction, he teased everyone with the first screenshot of the BDO English Client.

“Greetings Black Desert Online reddit!

My name is Olivier but call me Oli. I recently joined the team here at Daum Games Europe as a Community Manager and I’ll be the bridge between the teams working on BDO and the Community.

What else to say, I’m 30 years old, enjoying my new life here in Amsterdam so far. I’ve been working in the gaming industry since 2007 on a few small games some of you might have heard of such as Eve Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic and DC Universe Online.

Thanks to Furia, the team helping with the reddit page, and more importantly thank you all for following Black Desert Online! From now on, I’ll be posting from time to time on reddit and I have already started to follow and read your messages on a daily basis for a while now. We are aware that a lot of players out there are waiting to play BDO and we look forward to sharing more about the upcoming version of Black Desert Online for Europe and North America.

I can’t possibly create an introduction post without showing a little something, can I? Check this linkto see the very first screenshot I just took for you of the BDO English client. This is the beginning of a great adventure reddit and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!”


The screenshot shows off the character creation screen



Does this mean that Black Desert Online is close to release in NA and EU?  Will we possibly see the game launch in early 2016?

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Source:  BDO Reddit