Divergence Online has had a rough time on Steam with consistent accusations of having stolen assets from its primary source of inspiration, Star Wars Galaxies being slung at it. As of today, Valve have removed the game from Steam entirely, leaving its previous store page redirecting to the homepage. In fact, if the tweets are to be believed, Valve took it down thanks to accusations of stolen assets—only the assets in question aren’t allegedly from Star Wars Galaxies.

A short while ago, Ana Morgan—one of Divergence Online’s two developers—explained via tweets embedded below that someone had offered to send the two-person team assets completely unsolicited. When they refused, the person in question allegedly contacted Valve claiming that they had stolen their assets. Valve promptly removed the game from the Steam store.

From what it sounds like, the team has the proof to sort this out and have Divergence reinstated on Steam. However, it remains to be seen if this proof is enough for Valve to put the game back up for sale.