Daybreak updated the H1Z1: Just Survive website this morning with abbreviated notes for the patch currently on the test server. “We cracked the dupe bug,” says the studio. Among the other highlights are adjustments to base decay rates, screamer difficulty settings, zombie weapons, trap damage, and recursive destruction. Daybreak is also adding more restricted base building servers and critically ensuring that “zombies still look right and are spawning with colored hair and no more glasses.” Priorities, man.

The bad news is that the update will be delayed on the main servers.

“Some of the new features we introduced to base building are dependent on the amount of time they live on the server so in order to ensure those are tested properly, we are going to be pushing back the publish to the Live servers into next week. We feel it’s important to give the community enough time to experience these changes and provide valuable feedback we can use to improve the update. Pushing that update into next week was not our intent, but it will help create a smoother transition onto the Live servers.”

Expect a full player and server wipe when it does land on live to “help reset the world’s economy of resources.”