Darkfall Rise of Agon has reverted its combat system to one from over a year ago

“We also realize that after all these changes we’ll end up coming nearly full circle to where we were before with new armors added, so what we will do instead, starting this weekend, is revert the combat back to where we said we were going to after the polls. […] We will then spend time, shouldn’t be near as long as adding in new armor, to get combat back to where it use to be without the poll options like self buffs and such. Once the balance is back where the players like it we will be able to patch without requiring any new armor. At that time we will put the new armor back on PTS and adjust their values to fit the old combat, rather than making other changes to fit them. Then we can set those changes aside until the armor models are complete.”

Content retrieved from: https://massivelyop.com/2019/07/26/darkfall-rise-of-agon-has-reverted-its-combat-system-to-one-from-over-a-year-ago/.