Darkfall Online will never be re released by Aventurine, but they might license out the engine.

The drama over the proposed Darkfall classic server continued this weekend. Aventurine CEO Zad Mehdawi removed his original post on the subject, saying that it was not “approved for posting” and put up an amended one hinting that the company wouldn’t be averse to handing off the project to a third party.

Mehdawi briefly lists why a classic server will not help the company: “Bringing back the originalDarkfall is unfortunately unrealistic and impractical. There is no doubt that it was a great game, which had its chance but unfortunately stopped being viable and had to end.”

He did go on to suggest that another studio could pick up the ball, provided that it had the resources to handle the project: “We remain open to serious proposals for licensing and supporting the original Darkfall. […] It would take a sizeable server investment to cover a region and a minimum low five figure amount just for bandwidth and basic systems operations.”