Darkfall 1 to be rereleased?


The long and checkered history of Darkfall has taken an interesting turn thanks to Darkfall: New Dawn, a project that aims to reboot the fledgling sandbox title “into a medieval fantasy EVE Online with an amazing combat system.”

A group of former Darkfall players has formed a company called Ub3rgames which is currently attempting to negotiate a licensing deal with original publisher Aventurine. Assuming success, the company’s website estimates between six and nine months of development prior to launch. It aims to avoid the safe zones and classes introduced in Darkfall’s Unholy Wars reboot, and it also says that it will incentivize “positive interactions to make Darkfall more than a gankbox.”

New Dawn will feature a box price, a monthly subscription, and it will not have a cash shop, though some sort of PLEX-like game time object is planned.

Source: Darkfall New Dawn, thanks Marc!