Crowfall’s 7.400 update brings the Mine Overseer’s Tower and winter holiday event

“Beware the Tower of the Overseer! For too long, the Mines of the Dying Worlds have been getting picked clean by the Crows. In their hubris, the spirit of the Overseer has awoken once more and shackled the chests that were rightfully her own (before the whole dying thing). If they wish to continue gathering resources for their strongholds, they’ll need to establish themselves as the new boss and take the Overseer’s keys. A new capturable parcel is in the world of Crowfall! The Mine Overseer’s Tower is a capturable parcel that enables you to grab the Overseer’s Keys buff from the top of the tower. With this buff, players will be able to go to the Mines and loot the chests present. Without the buff, these chests can’t be accessed and the player will be directed to find the Overseer.”

Update 7.400 is Live with The Mine Overseer’s Tower, Group Loot changes, new Dregs and Shadow campaigns (3 weeks long) and the Merry or Miser Crowfall Crowmas Winter Event! Will you be Team Merry or Team Miser? #crowmas #PCGamer #MMORPG #holidayseason

— Crowfall (@CrowfallGame) December 13, 2021

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