Crowfall tasks players with confectionery crafting for Valkyntine’s Day

“Visit the Mystery Vendor in Dregs or Shadow Temples and purchase the Supersaturated Sugar Solution and Harvesting Toolkit: Flavonoids to start this harvesting and crafting event. […] When a player has a Supersaturated Sugar Solution in their inventory, the Chocolate Bars cooking recipe now has an additive available with Supersaturated Sugar Solution which instead creates Gourmet Chocolate Bars. […] Using a Gourmet Chocolate Bar gives Sugar Inspirations buff which unlocks several holiday-themed cooking recipes which combine together to create a Bowl of Hard Candy which produces the currency used in this event, Cosmic Sours.”

Crowfall Valkentine’s Day Event has started! Visit to participate.

— Crowfall (@CrowfallGame) February 11, 2022

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