Crowfall preps beta, raises another $12M from investors to bring total funding to $35M

“Right now, our team is busy wrapping up the milestone (which we call 5.110, War of the Gods). We’re getting pretty close on that; “pencils down” is not far off. Then we go into bug fixing and polishing mode, which traditionally maps to a pattern of one week of polish for every month of development. At some point during this process, we’ll push the new version up to our TEST server so that we can get some external eyes on it. Once it looks good enough for our general backer audience (not just those of you who are crazy enough to deal with TEST issues), we’ll move it to LIVE and start sending out the beta invitations in waves. Not every feature will be in this version — we still have a few loose ends to tie up — but a LOT of the game will be there. Most of it, in fact.”

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