In Crowfall’s November Q&A “is all about Big World,” Design Lead Thomas Blair declares, kicking off the episode alongside Creative Director J. Todd Coleman. The pair discuss ore deposit drops, factional assignments, Ranger skills, and multiple character creation, but one that leaped out at me was the question about regulating strongholds — that is, how you keep people out of your territory.

It turns out that it depends entirely on the worlds we’re talking about — and it’s inspired by city systems in Shadowbane. Players in the eternal kingdoms and open worlds will be able to make use of kill-on-sight lists to block individuals and guilds from entering cities. Faction-based worlds will automatically block the opposing faction from access. In fact, in the eternal kingdoms, players will even be able to flag areas safe, though that’s not something most of the game will inherit.

There’s also a long section on the big world as promised; ArtCraft has reiterated that this chunk of testing is a foundational test rather than a playest, and while it’s the closest thing to the game’s vision to date, the right mentality for a “rough experience” while testing is a requirement. Invites are in the thousands now, so maybe check your inbox, and then skim the whole update below.