If you’ve been keeping an eye on Crowfall’s recent crafting updates and are wondering how exactly everything fits together in the PvP-centric MMORPG, then this week’s updated crafting and economy FAQ is going to be a big help for both a big picture view and the wee details.

“Our vision is a player-driven economy where the best items in the game are created by other players — not from farming monsters,” says ArtCraft. “Crafting is a central part of the player-driven economy in Crowfall. Open-ended economic systems are tough to design. The closest model to ours is probably EVE Online, though you can see our design is built on ideas that originally surfaced in early MMOs like Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies and Shadowbane.”

Check out the whole FAQ for a clearer picture on how materials, harvesting, quarries, factories, transportation, supply-and-demand, recipes, sub-components, interdependence, salvaging, mass-production, and player-run shops all work together to make the crafting ecosystem go ’round. And in case you’re tempted to reject Crowfall’s claim to a crafting crown, recall that the game does indeed include item decay.

“The very concept that players will lose their items at some point is required, otherwise the game loop breaks. It is a very controversial topic for those who don’t like the potential of losing their gear, and we understand that — but remember, we aren’t going to make you farm a boss mob a thousand times to get that ‘perfect’ item drop. Instead, we are making a robust economy that expects (depends, even) on items flowing back and forth between crafters (who create the items) and combatants (who have access to the best resources and materials).”