If you were hoping to begin your climbing career in Conan Exiles sooner rather than later, hold that thought. Funcom announced earlier today that the Unreal upgrade is effectively delaying the climbing patch a wee bit.

“We’re upgrading from Unreal 4.12 to 4.15. It’s a pretty big leap,” Funcom says. “What this means for the game is that the next update, which adds climbing to the game, won’t be released before the Unreal 4.15 version is ready to roll out. We were hoping to do this some weeks ago, but the process of moving to 4.15 has taken more time than initially anticipated and so you’ve had to wait a little longer for the climbing system to come out.”

The upside is that the new Unreal version is expected to provide “optimization of both server and client, which should result in a smoother experience for all players,” as well as blueprint nativization, which’ll help out modders in the long run.

Meanwhile, in the game’s latest Reddit Q&A, Funcom’s Joel Bylos covers NPC settlements, the emote system, stackable items, Necromancy, housing, the building system, the leveling systems, and guilds.

“[Clan Alliances were] something we put further back in our plans due to the survey, but we will eventually add the ability for clans to form alliances. Secondly, thrall AI, we are hoping that when we have the thrall system fully implemented you will be able to tell them which kind of targets they should attack. I say hoping because we are still working on the core AI features and this is not a given. Finally, permissions, we hope to change the way permissions work in the game very soon! At the very least we will be changing certain item permissions so that they are always open (it doesn’t make a lot of sense that people can’t share campfires or use any chair etc).”