Conan Exiles announces June 22 Age of War as Age of Conan’s 15th anniversary slips by in silence

“In Age of War – Chapter One, collect treasure from across the lands and display it in your private vault, then create and customize your own clan emblem to display it on banners and shields. After Age of War – Chapter One, Conan Exiles will see major additions such as improved and expanded purges, recruitable mercenaries, and upgraded enemy AI, finally culminating in a PvE raid where players strike back at the Stygian invasion. These are the biggest features coming in Age of War, but there is a lot more in the works that will be revealed later.”


The Age of War Chapter 1 public beta is now available on Steam!

💎 Clan Coffers
🚩 Clan Emblems
⚔️ Weapon and combat improvements
🐛 Bug fixes
…and more!

Read the full patchnotes here 📜

— Conan Exiles (@ConanExiles) May 23, 2023

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