There are several notable quotes in this week’s progress report from the Camelot Unchained team. Mark Jacobs said that encumberance penalties are being worked into the inventory system and explained why doubling the programmer team hasn’t resulted in double development speed.

“The fact remains that for a programming team whose size just reached the double-digits, making a game like the one we are making would already be difficult. Making an engine at the same time is, in the eyes of many of our industry colleagues, a ride on the crazy train. Well, we are on that train, picking up speed, and we can see the next station in the distance,” he wrote.

As for the eternally pressing question of when Beta 1 will be coming in 2017, Jacobs said that the studio will be providing “more clarity” about a release date once a couple of key systems are fully active and working well.

If you’re a sucker for visuals, Camelot Unchained was focusing on polearms this week, showing some animation frames of an attack sequence as well as concept art showing several potential types of weapons. The team also posted a picture of some of the placeholder icons it’s been using in the UI.