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PSA: Albion Online’s Lands Awakened update is moving your toons and deleting some open-world furniture

“Deployment of the update will begin with maintenance at 10:00 UTC on Wednesday. After the update is live, your player character will be moved to the entrance of the zone they were in when the update was deployed, and all furniture (including crates) left in the open world will be destroyed. If you have furniture placed in the open world you will also have received an ingame mail. Please be sure to collect any furniture placed in the open world that you wish to save before then. Additionally, Hideouts will remain in approximately the same part of the zone, but may be moved slightly and may also have different surroundings. You will be allowed one manual move per Hideout, within the same zone, within the first 72 hours after the update launches.”

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Dual Universe plans to raise the cost of beta subscriptions for new players with Demeter update

“As development has ramped up, we’ve come to realize that the original subscription price of $6.99 EUR/USD was based on optimistic server cost estimations. Now that we’ve been at this for a while, we have a much better handle on the real costs of providing the level of service we want to give our players.”

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