Atlas’s season 9 launches with a wipe tonight – but no Industrial Wonder content

“A new region has been discovered! A brave, possibly foolish, Pathfinder followed the Ships of the Damned across the waters of Atlas. He returned with tales of a land shrouded in darkness and unnaturally thick fog, with creatures that seem to vanish or appear out of thin air, and eerie green fires. As proof of his findings he brought back a strange crystalline substance, soft to the touch yet somehow solid. His final notes state that any Pathfinder who ventures to these lands should not trust their eyes, as empty stretches of land may have hidden dangers.”

Ahoy Pathfinders!
The wait is almost over! Check out what’s in store for Season 9 of Atlas as well as the many improvements we’ll be deploying after the wipe. Find out more by clicking the link below!

— ATLAS (@sailtheatlas) May 17, 2022

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