Atlas gets turtle dragon tank ships and buffed spider mounts

“We heard you like buffs so we’ve also added some buffs to buff towers to uniquely assist your fleet as needed. Depending on which type of resource is used, buff towers will now provide an additional benefit so you can gain advantages where they are needed most. Need some handles in the corners? Try Amethyst and Herkimer in your spire to increase your turning force. Need to lessen your load? Switch to Calcite and Quartz which will decrease the overall weight of a ship (items and structures carried included). Overall, we hope that pathfinders use these new additions to compliment their unique play styles and make every confrontation a unique and memorable one.”

Dust off your spider saddles and shine up your ship shells because we have some great new additions coming to you in the latest patch from Atlas! Check out what’s in store, including another Rate Up event, by clicking the link below:

— ATLAS (@sailtheatlas) August 27, 2021

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