Along with approximately 80 million other games, ARK: Survival Evolved launched this week, putting an end to mockery about the game’s eternal test phase. Or did it? Dun dun dunnnn! Yeah, probably not, especially when the game’s suffering from what is apparently severe overcrowdingon the official servers.

Yesterday, Studio Wildcard apologized for the issues, promising work on new servers as of last night and noting the team is “looking into whether [it needs] to increase [its] numbers based on player activity,” though “the process is still going to be a long one, as it will have to be a manual setup as opposed to what [the studio] normally [does].” According to Wildcard’s Jatheish, that process takes extra long in part because of necessary security measures. He further identified problems with the update that came online with the launch yesterday, including the PS4 crash bug.

“I know the launch has been a little rough, and we’re very grateful to all of you,” Jatheish says. “As we get further into it, things will smoothen out and the experience will be much better. Thank you for hanging in there.”

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie, who runs a custom server for our friends and readers, streamed the game yesterday to check out the post-launch state and noted that it’s still suffering lag and optimization problems, but at least “nothing blew up.”